I started studying drums at the beginning of the 80's, by attending the Accademia Centro Studi Musicali in Bergamo. After 8 years, I became a teacher in the same academy, both in Bergamo and Treviglio (BG) locations. I've been a teacher in Treviglio since then, as senior teacher in charge of all drum courses at the music school.

Meanwhile, I improved my own studies with Maestro Walter Calloni for about three years. In 1992 I got my graduation in music theory at Conservatorio "G. Nicolini" in Piacenza.

Since 2003 I've been involved in the international course of YAMAHA music teaching method as a modern drums teacher.

I've attended many training seminars with: Peter Erskine, Elvin Jones, Tony Williams, Gregg Bissonette, Horacio Hernandez, Mike Mangini, Dennis Chambers, Marco Minnemann, Steve Smith, John Riley, Gavin Harrison.

I plan periodical drums clinics with internationally renowned musicians (Gavin Harrison, Horacio Hernadez, Marco Minnemann, JoJo Mayer) and many others Italian ones (C Meyer, W.Calloni, M. Furian, G. Di Tullio, E. Bandini…).

Since 2009 I've been part of Hudson Music Teacher Integration Program (TIP).



In the nineties I was the drummer of the successful bands SOON (Polygram) and PuntoG (Self) and played a lot of concerts in many big Italian festivals. We also took part in several shows on national television, and an important  participation was the one at the festival of Sanremo.
I've been a member of the Police tribute band "Police Academy" since 2003.

We regularly hold concerts in the most important Italian live clubs and we are also getting some international recognition for the trusty way we reproduce the mythical trio's music.
This gives me great satisfaction as Stewart Copeland has always been a huge source of inspiration for me.
Since 2005 I've also been a part of the musical "L'America di Odette" which is an unplugged trio with the singer Odette Di Maio (former SOON member). This musical was first shown in the USA and is now successfully being shown in Italy.
In 2007 I toured several European festivals with the band "Police Academy".
For the last 6 years I 've also been a teacher and an agent for the Lombardy region of the nationwide circuit of drum courses "SCUDERIE CAPITANI" National Drum Academy.
In 2006 the selfproduced live cd of "Police Academy" was released (POLICE ACADEMY LIVE).
At the moment I am working on a project with the guitar player Diego Arrigoni and the bass player Stefano Forcella (who both play in the band Moda'); this band is called FIXFORB and plays "ProgPsychoFunk". Our discography includes: FIXFORB (2009 - Videoradio Raitrade) - FIXFORB TWO (2013) - ELEVEN (2015) - FIXFORB LIVE! (DVD, 2016)

FIXFORB regularly plays concerts in the whole Italy.
The magazine Drum Club featured an interview with me in May 2009.
I am a member of TIP (Teacher Integration Project) of Hudson Music and in 2010 I published an article about Funk on www.drumsportal.com.

In 2015 DRUMSET MAG published an article about me (check the PRESS section).

In 2015 I was at “China Music” (the largest MI trade fair in Asia, set in Shangai) for a few performances.

I’m a teacher at Accademia musicale di Treviglio (Bergamo).

Police Academy

With Jo Jo Mayer

With Stewart Copeland


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